Tidal Creek Brewhouse opening

Tidal Creek Brewhouse opening despite the pandemic

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – An hour before close the baristas get another rush of customers excited for freshly brewed coffee.

It’s opening week at Tidal Creek Brewhouse in the Market Common and their youngest customer, a small girl holding tight to a teddy bear, can’t wait to devour a muffin.

Tape markers on the floor, spaced six feet apart, remind people to keep their distance as a barista greets the next customer through a sneeze guard shield.

“The risk is scary, we’re not going to lie about that,” said co-owner Dara Liberatore-Sawczuk.

The risk of opening of small business during a pandemic and not knowing what could happen in upcoming months.

“It’s been a long journey. It’s been almost three years. September will be three years that we started this process. To finally get our doors open and see our community come out and support us has just been refreshing,” said Liberatore-Sawczuk.

On Friday staff said it felt like they had been in the building for years.

TBC merged with the Roasted Bean, formerly located in Market Common, to serve breakfast from 6:30 a.m to 11 a.m.

Coffee beans are roasted in the same building as the brewhouse’s craft beer.

Part of the outdoor patio has a front row view of the brewing process.

On Monday a lunch menu will be added with select beer options.

“Word on the street is our pulled pork bacon is the absolute hit,” said Liberatore-Sawczuk.

Liberatore-Sawczuk says phasing the opening helped space out big rushes and will prevent food and drinks from running out.

“We wanted to make sure our line wasn’t wrapped around the corner and that we properly practiced the social distancing policies,” said Liberatore-Sawczuk.

She says the brewhouse is prepared to transition to curbside services, if the time comes.

Liberatore-Sawczuk says the potential is endless and the support of the community has been overwhelming.

An outside beer garden is the planning process, as well as an extended dog-friendly patio.