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Years ago, owners Dara and Adrian planted roots along a tidal creek on Daniel Island, SC. Every day, they relished all aspects of living on the water – from kayaking and relaxing by the firepit to braving the occasional hurricane that blows through.

It was during one of these storms and hearing “please evacuate if you live along a tidal creek” over and over again that the name “Tidal Creek Brewhouse” was born!

So, what’s a good brand name without an iconic symbol? Enter the fiddler crab!

If there’s any wildlife to be seen on a tidal creek, it’s definitely the fiddler crab. Dara and Adrian’s yard is teeming with hundreds of them – which provide hours of entertainment for Argus, their curious Doberman – and so it became the perfect symbol for Tidal Creek Brewhouse.

That’s why our iconic logo features the fiddler crab holding up hops – of course!


We greatly value our home, this community and the environment, which is why we built our Tidal Creek Brewhouse “home” in this region and in this specific location.

We love the Lowcountry culture and way-of-life, and we infuse it into everything we do.

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We love our tidal creek (newly named “KelSaw Creek,” a neighborly joke), and we simply love being near the water. The preservation of our tidal creeks is something we hold close to our hearts at Tidal Creek Brewhouse. Similar to how we view the making and inner workings of this brewhouse, tidal creeks represent the intricacies and connections between us all; when we all intertwine, we can help build and maintain an amazing community.


Over time, The Market Common District has become Myrtle Beach’s premier dining, shopping and entertainment destination, as well as the place to be for outdoor events. The Market Common offers a unique lifestyle experience within a true urban village community. Tidal Creek Brewhouse is excited to be a part of this extended vibrant community!

We love our history, our country and our veterans! Some of us have personally served to ensure that what makes us all great is preserved for today and for tomorrow. We intentionally chose the original Myrtle Beach Air Force Base (circa 1954) as our home as a ‘tip-of-our-cap’ to those that served there before. Units from this base participated in the Cold War, the Berlin Crisis, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and Operation Desert Storm, to name a few. Two years after the base closed in 1993, retired Air Force Colonel, Buddy Styers, began the redevelopment of the area, turning it into what we know and love today as The Market Common District.

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