Co-Founder & President

Balance is a key ingredient to any well-crafted beer or meal – as well as any finely-tuned business – and that’s what Dara brings to Tidal Creek. Full of grit and class, with a whole lot of hard work and sass (as any respectable Jersey girl would be!), Dara is the heart of Tidal Creek. Her tough-love spirit infuses Tidal Creek Brewhouse with the passion and dedication it takes to go beyond quality in everything they do.

With 25+ years of business expertise in marketing, operations and general management, she knows how to get things done. And she knows how to create an authentic Lowcountry experience people will love from start to finish, every time.

Dara’s dream is to make Tidal Creek a key part of the community – both as a frequent gathering place and as a local business that supports important causes, like veterans, animals and the environment.

When Dara’s not a Tidal Creek Brewhouse, you’ll likely find her walking or training her ‘baby,’ Argus, the sweetest Doberman you’ll ever meet. When you visit the taproom, say hello to Dara and let her know what causes you’re passionate about.

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Adrian’s love for craft beer started during his time in the U.S. Army while stationed in Germany. Inspired by the quality of German beer and the community-focused “beer gardens,” his brewery dream began.

He’s been homebrewing for 10 years, scouting countless craft breweries along the way and planning his brewery/taproom concept with the idea of creating an experience for our customers. Now, his plan has come to fruition.

At Tidal Creek Brewhouse, Adrian is the nuts-and-bolts, get-it-done-the-right-way guy. Focused on corporate development and sales, he also provides operational and financial oversight for the business.

Seasoned with 30+ years of hard core, fast-paced, business experience across multiple industries, Adrian understands the importance of creating a tight business model. His goal is to provide Tidal Creek Brewhouse guests the best customer experience possible while ensuring Tidal Creek Brewhouse employees thrive in a rewarding work environment.

When he’s not at Tidal Creek Brewhouse, you can find Adrian working out or spending time with his family (including his fur-baby, Argus).

Next time you visit Tidal Creek Brewhouse, ask Adrian about his collection of beer bottles!



    Brewhouse Dog

    Tidal Creek is proud to introduce our official Brewhouse Dog, Argus – the gentlest Doberman you’ll ever meet!

    He’s been raised visiting Craft Breweries with his parents (Dara & Adrian) – so he’s the perfect Brewhouse dog. Argus loves greeting people and, even more so, helping take care of them. He’s simply the best working dog on Earth!

    Argus’s impressive resume includes:

    • Doberman – 5 Years Old
    • AKC STAR Puppy
    • Family Manners 202
    • Intermediate Obedience
    • Tracking
    • Barn Hunt
    • Rally
    • Protection Training
    • AKC Canine Good Citizen
    • Agility
    • eCollar
    • AKC Therapy
    • AKC Fit Dog
    • AKC Trick Dog
    • Emotional Support Animal

    In his work as a Service Animal, he detects Migraines for his mom, Dara, which is truly amazing. Be sure to introduce yourself to Argus when you visit Tidal Creek Brewhouse – he’ll be glad to meet you and become your fur baby, too!



    Fascinated by the brewing process, Patrick is a scientist and an artist. He leads all brewing at Tidal Creek Brewhouse, and his passion is to build a community around well-crafted beer brewed with integrity, imagination and innovation. A master of core styles and enthusiastic explorer of novel flavors, Patrick is a quality-focused leader with 16+ years of experience and numerous award-winning beers.

    With a Master’s in Biology and a Doctorate in Marine Sciences, Patrick’s early work in that arena took him to Florida, Australia and the Bahamas – where he experienced a lot of different breweries near the ocean. Making Myrtle Beach a perfect fit.

    Before joining Tidal Creek Brewhouse, Patrick’s experience includes several award-winning breweries from Florida to California. He most recently served as Director of Quality at Figueroa Mountain Brewing (Buellton, CA), where he and the brewing team won many prestigious awards, including back-to-back gold medals at the World Beer Cup and standing as the most award-winning brewery at the Great American Beer Fest.

    Stop by Tidal Creek Brewhouse and meet Patrick. Ask him about sailing across the Atlantic in a 42’ sloop, logging 1,000 scuba dives or living under water for 10 days straight. He’s a very interesting Brewmaster indeed.


    Lead Brand Ambassador

    Meet Tidal Creek’s Brand Ambassador, Tess.

    When we think about some of the strongest influences in our lives, our parents generally rank pretty high on the list. For Tess, that has definitely proven to be the case! She is quick to talk a lot about how much her parents shaped her into the loyal, caring, fun- and fashion-loving person she is today. And Tess definitely equates the joy of fashion to entertaining. Growing up, Tess watched her parents (her beautiful and gracious mother, and her father the ‘dashing dresser’!) host carefully curated, fashionable social gatherings, Tess learned early that the merging of a finely crafted drink or cocktail blended with an excellent meal could create the most enjoyable of experiences.

    This fine craftsmanship and thoughtful collaboration are, to this day, two of her greatest passions. The details and the care put into both a perfectly blended beer and the best customer experience speak volumes to Tess. She loves craft beer because to her, ‘craft beer is fashion’ and Tess is always fashionable!

    Which leads us to Tidal Creek. After a solid career in IT, an enduring marriage of 37+ years to her college sweetheart, three kids, and a move to the beach, Tess found herself demonstrating her love of fashion a little too much. Knowing she needed to stay busy, Tess jumped at the chance to represent Tidal Creek Brewhouse. She loved the mission and the passion she saw throughout the entire organization and is truly excited about having the opportunity to make a difference, evoke positive changes and to bring happiness to all those around her.

    And for Tess, bringing that happiness to everyone she meets will likely involve an amazing craft beer enjoyed over a great meal. If you stop by our brewhouse, be sure to introduce yourself, she’d be happy to talk beer, good food, and entertaining, and she may even give you some fashion tips along the way!


    Operations & Finance Manager

    Meet Tidal Creek’s Operations Manager, Michael.

    In a world where most want to take an easy path, Michael is always going to choose the other direction. He values time and relationships, but doesn’t seem to ever stop working, whether it’s to learn new technology, a POS system or to physically work out. He craves data, and enjoys challenging himself to use that knowledge to perfect a process or implement something new both personally and professionally. But all the while, Michael remains laid back and humble with a good sense of humor, a quiet zest for life and big dreams! If you visit the brewhouse, be sure to take a moment to meet Michael – his infectious personality will have you hooked, just like that first great golf shot!

    Let’s talk golf. Why golf, you ask? Well, this game has had a significant impact on Michael throughout his life, and has helped cultivate him into the unique and talented person he is today. Growing up, Michael spent much of his time playing sports, especially golf with his grandfather. Further, golf is partially what led Michael to South Carolina in the first place, and to pursuing his PGA card and degree. Fundamentally, he lives his life a lot like the game. For any of you who have ever played, you get it, right? Frustration, timing, patience, practice, determination, studying and thinking ahead, all play into mastering this lifelong learning. Then that moment when you connect, you are hooked, and this is exactly what happened when he began his work at Tidal Creek Brewhouse!

    Michael’s passion for golf is also the reason why he is the TCB Brand Ambassador for the 73+ golf courses along the Grand Strand.  If you’d like to see TCB Beer at your course, this is the man to contact…

    Love of family, learning, and a strong work ethic are inherent to who Michael is. Growing up in Long Island, NY, where his extended family surrounded him, literally on all sides with yards connected by gates, Michael watched how hard his parents worked in their business to provide a happy home mixed with fun, family vacations for he and his two younger brothers. Watching this dedication to family instilled an unusually enthusiastic work ethic and love for learning in him (ask him about being an entrepreneur at 14!) that he’ll readily admit drives him every day to go above and beyond, and to keep learning something new every day. Although he is far from home, Michael knew when he went away to school he wanted to land somewhere warm, and the coast of South Carolina definitely fit that bill for him!